Seminar or Extension Studies Course, Which One?

The Difference Between Full Learning Week Seminars and Extension Studies Courses

Full Learning Week (FLW) Seminars have been a way of sharing our YWAM training for many years now.  The UofN Catalogue 2017-2019 (page 18) says this about them:

“The UofN offers an extensive seminar programme. Each registered seminar carries academic credit. They are often open to the public as well as to UofN students…these are in fact short courses involving specific learning outcomes, a 50-hour full learning week and graded assessments…”

The introduction of Extension Studies courses is to empower YWAMers to offer UofN accredited training outside of the 50-hour FLW model.  The UofN catalogue (page 19) says this about Extension Studies courses:

“UofN Extension Studies (ES) is the part-time study program offering UofN Courses in a variety of formats. ES courses include clear learning outcomes, evaluation of the student’s grasp of the subject, and a final grade as well as assigned credits…”

So, should your seminar/course be registered with FLW credits or with ES credits?

Do you want your course to:

  • Be like one of our schools, with each week being a 50-hour FLW?
  • Include not only the formal learning components, but also the non-formal and informal learning elements like worship and intercession, meals or even work duties?
  • Give your seminar participants an experience of what a YWAM school would be like?
  • Make the seminar from 1-6 weeks within a regular UofN school you are running?

If any of these elements are part of your plans, then you should register your school as a FLW seminar.

Anything else should be registered through the ES platform.